Money Making Apps and Websites


$10 FREE From Ebates

Shopping online? Use Ebates and earn CASH BACK. If your shopping through my site add items to your cart. Then open Ebates app or website and checkout through Ebates. Within 24 hours you will get up to 10% of what you spend in you account. Cash out for a check or PayPal. ALSO after you’ve spent $25 through Ebates you will get a EXTRA $10 from them for signing up. I don’t know about you but FREE MONEY is always good and CASH back from purchases on even better.



 Mobile Performance Meter

 All you need to do is open it for 5 seconds a day and earn points for which you can use to earn giftcards for many stores including but not limited to Walmart, Amazon, Bath & Bodywork, Home Depot, and even a Visa Card. 

Click here⬇

Panel App

           The next app I have to share is Panel App. It is basically the same as Mobile Performance Meter. Open for 5 seconds anhere
ose. I’ve also noticed the more I open it in a day the more I earn. But it’s open then closed nothing else to do. Sometimes surveys pop up but they only take seconds to complete.

Follow this link to download ⬇ bun

Coin out

          Coin Out is my favorite. Scan receipts  in the app to earn PayPal, Giftcard, or Deposit to your Bank. I scanned a gas receipt and earned .10 instantly. Also you can request payment at ANY amount. 

Follow this link to try it yourself ⬇

Receipt Hog

The following app is Receipt Hog. Feed the hog receipts and earn coins to cash out for Amazon, PayPal, or Visa Card. I’ve found that it’s very easy to earn with this app. I’ve been getting 130 points each week and at 1,000 points I can redeem for $5

Follow link here⬇


Receipt Hog

Receipt Pal app is like Receipt Hog. Expect it’s a closed app. It took me over a year to redownload after I got a new phone. Even though I since had my Receipt App account they only allow a limited amount of people to use the app. BUT just like the others above it pays good. 4 receipts pays 100 points. Cash out to Giftcards or Visa Card. 

Download HERE⬇


Download app or sign online with link below and get $5 share with your friends and family and get $5 for everyone that signs up. Order something for less than your credit and credit will cover product and shipping. I’ve order twice and both have shipped as you see above.

Sign up HERE⬇ and get $5 FREE Use code
HC344573 on website or app.

Dosh App

Dosh app pays you for instore or online transactions. Similar to Ebates but you can use Dosh for instore purchases. Download now and add your debit card and get $5 FREE money. Share with a friend and get $15 after they link a card. Cash out to PayPal.

Download the app, link a card, and get a $5 bonus.

Drop App

Download the Drop App, then link your debit card and get a $5 Giftcard. $5=5,000 points. Share with your friends and family and get $5 for everyone who uses your code.


Just download and copy and paste this code⬇ then add a card.

CODE:   dqlv6


Very Dice App is GREAT for earning Giftcards or prizes. Spin the wheel daily for dice rolls. I save up my rolls till I get about 150 then I roll for the doubles. If you get 1-6 doubles you will earn double jackpot. I had 150 rolls this morning saved up and got all my doubles and earned double jackpot and got 1,607 points. I can cash out for prizes starting at 2,000 or save up for bigger prizes or Giftcards.

Copy and paste this code➡ 140589 ⬅ for 30 FREE Rolls. Use the link below⬇ to download and start earning FREE gifts or giftcards.